Sabian 218SHN 18" AA Sick Hats | Palen Music Cymbals $644.99 Sabian

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Sabian 218SHN 18" AA Sick Hats

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Sabian 218SHN 18" AA Sick Hats 

From classic rock to old school punk rock and hip-hop — that’s AA. Tight, controlled, but LOUD AF when you hit it hard. If that’s your sound, start with 14″ Rock Hats and a 20″ Rock Ride and build from there.

The most surprising thing about Sick Hats is that if you were to hear them without seeing them, you would never imagine it was a pair of 18” AA’s! Thin, and very dry overall – despite all appearances, this is a very controllable pair of hats. Large holes allow Sick Hats to breathe in ways other Hats simply cannot – with virtually no airlock, you hear everything. Think of them as a controllable, pre-EQ white-noise effect.


  • Pre-EQ white-noise effect
  • Flip over hole-side down to play patterns without the holes getting in the way.
  • Sick Hat's large holes allow them to breathe in ways that other hats cannot.


  • Type: Hi-hat with 2" holes
  • Size: 18"
  • Top Weight: Medium Thin
  • Bottom Weight: Medium Thin
  • Material: B20
  • Sound: Dry, Raw, Dark
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 218SHN

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