Sabian XSR5006B XSR Complete Cymbal Set | Palen Music Cymbals $1,179.99 Sabian

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Sabian XSR5006B XSR Complete Cymbal Set

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Sabian XSR5006B XSR Complete Cymbal Set

All SABIAN sets are “Sonically Matched” by our Product Specialists in the SABIAN Vault.  Rather than just take each cymbal off the shelf and put in a box, they are first tested individually and then for overall compatibility with the other cymbals in the set.  This ensures you get a ready to go set up, straight out of the box. 

The XSR Complete Set consists of  10″ XSR Splash, 14″ XSR Hats, 16/18″ XSR Fast Crash, 18″ XSR Chinese and 20″ XSR Ride.


  • Vintage 
  • Bright 
  • Hammered B20 Bronze 


  • Type:Set
  • Series:XSR
  • Hi Hats:14"
  • Crash 1:16" Fast Crash
  • Crash 2:18" Fast Crash
  • Ride:20" Ride
  • Effects:18" China, 10" Splash
  • Material:B20
  • Sound:Bright
  • Tone:Vintage
  • Manufacturer Part Number:XSR5006B
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