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Sabian 25005 AA Performance Set

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Sabian 25005 AA Performance Set

From classic rock to old school punk rock and hip-hop — that’s AA. Tight, controlled, but LOUD AF when you hit it hard. If that’s your sound, start with 14″ Rock Hats and a 20″ Rock Ride and build from there. SABIAN AA cymbals are all about classic sounds. Rock. Funk. Jazz. Blues. It’s about tradition, about what made history. And it’s about making history again. 

SABIAN AA Performance Set includes 14″ AA Medium Hats, 16″ AA Medium Crash, and a 20″ AA Medium Ride.


  • Bright, explosive energy, the vintage bright sound for today.
  • Matched by the experts in the SABIAN Vault.


  • Series:AA Package
  • HiHats:14" Hats
  • Crash: 16" Medium Crash
  • Ride:20" Medium Ride
  • Material:B20
  • Style:Vintage
  • Sound: Bright
  • Manufacturer Part Number:25005

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