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Spaceman MERIDIANPUR Time Modulator Chorus


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Spaceman MERIDIANPUR Time Modulator Chorus

 The Meridian is a versatile analog chorus with lush modulation and a timeless vintage character that epitomizes the Spaceman ethos. Experience liquid chorus tones, mind-bending true pitch vibrato and much more. Its control layout is designed for usability at every level of its deep featureset: it provides instant, reliable, dependable results that reward your continuous exploration. The Meridian has been carefully designed to have the highest sound quality, lowest noise signal path featuring pre-emphasis and de-emphasis, companding, as well as refined anti-aliasing and reconstruction filters. For users tired of brittle, piercing modulation pedals, the Meridian offers a clear and articulate tone while providing tons of the analog warmth BBDs are known for.

The heart of the Meridian is a flexible 1024-stage bucket brigade delay line made using the legendary MN3007. With a range of 0.8ms to 50ms, it’s possible to produce a variety of classic chorus tones, as well as true pitch-shifting vibrato, wispy phasing, throbbing Leslie, shimmering flange, static comb filtering, and double-tracking.
The LFO section of the Meridian consists of three waveshapes: Sine, Triangle, and Flux. Sine waves are commonly preferred for wet-only pitch vibrato, but are also quite tasty when used for Leslie effects. Triangle is the de facto standard for chorus and flanger sounds. The Flux shape is a wobbly, uneven derivation of the triangle wave with unpredictable skips, and jumps. When used subtly it can impart a beautiful slithering “alive” feeling to the modulation. When WIDTH is turned to minimum, the LFO is bypassed, and the user may directly sweep the delay line with the RATE and TIME controls for static comb filtering at short delay times or a double-tracking, almost pseudo slapback effect at moderate to high delay times. Expression and CV control is possible using the EXP jack. An internal slide switch selects either the RATE or WIDTH parameters to control. This can be especially fun when in COMB mode.
We've included often overlooked features that make the Meridian inviting and easy to use. An external LEVEL control makes it simple to set your ideal volume. From there the MIX control sweeps from full dry to full wet giving you another vector to control the intensity of the effect. The REGEN control adds depth and dimension by introducing negative feedback around the delay line, which is essential when creating flanger and phaser sounds, plus it produces the intense metallic clank of comb filtering at short delay times, and drippy rhythmic grind at longer delay times.
The Meridian is our most flexible, and sophisticated modulation effect to date, and will instantly whisk you all the way through the quantum singularity into another dimension. 


  • All analog signal path
  • High headroom MN3007 bucket brigade delay IC
  • 0.8ms-50ms delay time
  • Noise-reducing compander, and custom tuned filters
  • Wide range LFO with Sine, Triangle, and Flux waveshapes
  • LFO speed 0.12Hz (8 seconds) to 15Hz (65ms)
  • Easily dial in chorusing, vibrato, flanging, double tracking and more
  • CV/EXP options for controlling Rate, Width, or Delay Time
  • Mix control for fully wet or dry tones and a dedicated Level control


  • Color:Purple Sparkle
  • Width: 3.68 inches / 93.5 mm
  • Depth: 4.73 inches / 120 mm
  • Height: 2.25 inches / 57 mm
  • Weight: 14.6 ounces
  • Input Resistance: 1 Meg Ohm
  • Bypass Current Draw: 32mA
  • Engaged Current Draw: 4mA
  • IEXP / Control Voltage: 0-5V DC TRS Jack - Over / Reverse voltage protected
  • Input Voltage: 9V DC, negative center via the 2.1mm jack

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