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Spaceman Aurora Analog Flanger

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Spaceman Aurora Analog Flanger

Bathe your tone in the iridescent glow of primordial bliss, while waves of smooth sonic neon sweep you into another realm of creative inspiration. The Aurora is an analog BBD flanger featuring an unparalleled level of custom waveform animation with a hypnotic and lustrous tone. Thoughtful control options make it easy to achieve a variety of flange, vibratro, lush chorus, phase, and filtery spatial effects, all primed for stretching and collapsing the acoustic vortex. The Aurora also marks an exciting expansion of Spaceman’s Standard Edition line with the introduction of colorways. Plug into Aurora and slip into the ephemeral night.


  • Brilliant clarity through a noise-reducing compander, and filters with a carefully tuned frequency response.
  • A dedicated 100% wet / dry MIX control.
  • Traditional AND unique multi-slope controls via two LFO modes.
  • Emulation of your finger on the flange of a tape deck via 2 TAPE modes.
  • Create subtle to not-so subtle Haas spatial effects with the static COMB filter.
  • Maximum delay path headroom via a 256-stage MN3009 delay chip.
  • Slowest sweep: > 60s
  • Wide sweep ratio: > 20:1
  • Delay time: 0.35ms-8ms


  • Input Resistance: 1 Meg Ohm
  • Bypass Current Draw: 24 mA
  • Engaged Current Draw: 58 mA
  • Input Voltage: 9-12V DC, negative center via the 2.1mm jack

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