Hartman Analog Flanger Pedal with Strymon Box | Palen Music Flanger $260.00 Hartman

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Hartman Analog Flanger Pedal with Strymon Box

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Hartman Analog Flanger Pedal with Strymon Box

The Hartman Analog Flanger is a meticulous recreation of one of the early greats, the EH Electric Mistress (not the Deluxe, not the Stereo, the original). The Hartman achieves vivid but transparent sounding flange and static-filter effects and combines them with heavy-duty true-bypass switching, LED indicator, and the ability to run off of a single 9V battery.

Incorporating components critical to faithfully reproduce the signal path of the original, the Hartman exploits the tighter tolerances and lower noise floor of modern components for clarity and superior sonic fidelity. Great care was taken to establish a power supply and signal trace layout that minimize the problems with crosstalk, clock-noise, and oscillator bleed-thru that plagued many originals.


  • Authentic BBD flange
  • Ultra-quiet metal film resistors
  • Heavy-duty True-bypass footswitch
  • Internally adjustable clock-bias
  • 2.1mm 9-12vdc power jack (center-negative)
  • 9v battery included
  • LED Indicator

Condition: Excellent. Light wear typical of a gently used Pedal. Light surface scratches, scuffs, etc.
This item comes with everything pictured. With Strymon Box.

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