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Behringer Autocom MDX1200

Behringer Autocom MDX1200

Behringer Autocom MDX1200 is the essential equipment and necessary to live in the world if you really want to record full-fledged audio. The audio compressor is the horse of work that protects you from high levels (spontaneous peaks)that produce distortion or saturation in the shot and which It cannot be removed with any plug-in. Do you have problematic voices? zero stress, with the Autocom MDX1200Easily control those singers and their sudden changes of mood. volume. Applying compression process to weak voices improves the audio quality captured by increasing the natural level of the voice and its power. In recording acoustic instruments the benefit is reflected in a greater presence of natural harmonics and definition of sound. The compressor accurately controls the level headroom of the audio interface avoiding distortion or saturation by quadrature of the signal.


  • Vital tool for professional recording
  • Noise gate and expander per channel
  • High precision knobs
  • High precision super limiter


  • Active audio compressor for recordingprofessional and/or live sound
  • Two independent channels
  • Limiter for each channel
  • Noise gate (Gate) per channel
  • Balanced audio outputs available onTRS type connectors
  • Bandwidth 20Hz and 20kHz +/- 0.5dB
  • Freq range 0.35 Hz up to 20kHz +/- 0.3dB
  • Signal/Noise of 115dB between 22hz and 22khz
  • Harmonic distortion level of 0.008% typ.@ +4dBu 1khz

Condition: Excellent. Light wear typical of a gently used Item. Light surface scratches, scuffs, etc.
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