Two-Rock Vintage Deluxe 35 Watt Combo - Black | Palen Music Guitar Amplifier $5,200.00 Two-Rock

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Two-Rock Vintage Deluxe 35 Watt Combo - Black

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Two-Rock Vintage Deluxe 35 Watt Combo - Black

The newest amp in the Two-Rock family is the result of a strong commitment to tradition, an obsession with vintage tone and feel, and a love of modern design. The Vintage Deluxe is a single-channel amplifier built on a steel chassis and features all-tube analog reverb and bias tremolo circuits. A new feature for Two-Rock, this amplifier adds a Texture switch which changes the feel of the amp from a soft scooped front-end to a faster note attack with an increased amount of harmonic content. Another unique feature is the Tone Stack select switch. When engaged via the foot switch or toggle, the tone stack on the front on the amplifier is bypassed and a secondary tone stack with a single Tone control on the back on the amplifier becomes active. This allows you to shape your tone from dark and wooly to a nicely overdriven, organic lead tone.

The Vintage Deluxe gives you that nostalgic feeling from the golden era of tube amplifiers built in the early to mid-sixties, along with all of the performance, trusted reliability, and unique voice that you expect from a Two-Rock.


  • Embodies Two-Rock's strong commitment to tradition, drawing inspiration from the golden era of tube amplifiers in the early to mid-sixties.
  • Built on a steel chassis, the amplifier showcases an obsession with vintage tone and feel, ensuring it captures the essence of classic tube amplifier sound.
  • Despite its vintage roots, the Vintage Deluxe embraces modern design elements, featuring a Texture switch that allows users to transition between a soft, scooped front-end and a faster note attack with increased harmonic content.
  • The Texture switch and Tone Stack select switch, the Vintage Deluxe offers innovative tone-shaping capabilities. The Texture switch alters the amp's feel, while the Tone Stack select switch bypasses the front-end tone stack, activating a secondary tone control on the back for versatile tonal sculpting.
  • Reflecting Two-Rock's commitment to performance and reliability, the Vintage Deluxe not only evokes nostalgia but also delivers a unique voice and trusted performance associated with the Two-Rock family of amplifiers.


  • AMP CONFIGURATION2 6L6, 35W power section with single GZ35 rectifier
  • COMBO DIMENSIONS20 5/8"W x 22"H x 11"D
  • Weight59 LBS

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