Two-Rock Studio Signature 1x12 Combo Amplifier - Silverface | Palen Music Guitar Amplifier $3,974.00 Two-Rock

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Two-Rock Studio Signature 1x12 Combo Amplifier - Silverface

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Two-Rock Studio Signature 1x12 Combo Amplifier - Silverface

The most obvious change in the Studio Signature vs. the Studio Pro is the new front panel layout. The Studio Signature has a clearly more intuitive knob layout than it's predecessor. The Contour control has been replaced with a Presence control; the same one found on the Bloomfield and Traditional Clean.

The Studio Signature also features updated build techniques, layouts, and materials implemented over the last few years on the other amps in the Two-Rock line-up. Push-pull pots have been replaced with Two-Rock's custom taper pots, and the boost features now come in the form of front panel toggle switches. The improved reverb circuit now has the Reverb Send control moved to the back panel with the Return now being on the front. The Gain Structure switch can also be found on the back, allowing the same functions as the flagship Classic Reverb Signature essentially giving 3 front-end types to this already versatile clean amplifier. The pickup loading feature found on the previous Studio Pro has been removed.

Another feature that isn't as readily noticed is the thick, heavy duty all aluminum chassis, (anodized in silver or black) donning new silver knobs that give this amp a stunning new look that more closely matches the other newer Two-Rock amps.

The Studio Signature is best described as a "portable" Classic Reverb/ Traditional Clean hybrid, that offers ample clean headroom, dynamics, and a variety of tone shaping options.

More about the rear Gain Structure switch: The 3 position gain structure switch changes the sensitivity and overall feel of the preamp. In the down position, the amp feels similar to a vintage blackface, the middle position is much like the Two-Rock Matt Schofield Signature front end with a hotter input stage, and the full up position is our traditional Two-Rock front end.


  • Switchable bright/mid/deep controls for fine tuning
  • 3-position Gain Structure switch for countless tonal options
  • Features a Passive Effects Loop for transparency 
  • Tube driven spring reverb with return and send control
  • Handwired in the USA (California)


  • 35 watts Output
  • Power Tubes:  2 x 6L6
  • Preamp Tubes:  3 x 12AX7
  • Reverb Tubes:  1 x 12AX7 and 1 x 12AT7
  • Switchable bright/mid/deep controls
  • 3-position Gain Structure switch
  • Passive Effects Loop
  • All Tube Spring Reverb with Send and Return Controls
  • All Handwired, and All USA Built.
  • 1x12" Two-Rock TR65B Speaker
  • Dims: 15.625" wide x 19.25" tall x 10.5" Deep
  • Weight: 42

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