TKL Pro-Form Molded Flute Case TKL8690 | Palen Music Woodwind Case $69.99 TKL

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TKL Pro-Form Molded Flute Case TKL8690

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TKL Pro-Form® Molded Flute Case TKL8690

The TKL flute case is a standard hard plastic case with a sculpted, blue velvet interior. These cases are commonly used by OEM manufacturers as stock cases for student level instruments because they are strong, durable and lightweight. Fits all standard C-foot flutes. Features:

•  Rugged plastic shell
•  2 metal flip latches
•  Sculpted interior
•  Blue velvet lining
•  Comfortable solid plastic handle
•  (color of velvet interior subject to change without notice)

Carry / Outside Dims

  • Exterior Length: 16.5"
  • Exterior Width: 5"
  • Exterior Height: 3"
  • Carry Weight: 1.5 lbs
Shipping Dims
  • Shipping Box Length: 17.5"
  • Shipping Box Width: 6"
  • Shipping Box Height: 4"