Silktone Micronaut Mini 4w Amp Head - Walnut | Palen Music Guitar Amplifier $999.00 Silktone

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Silktone Micronaut Mini 4w Amp Head - Walnut

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Silktone Micronaut Mini 4w Amp Head - Walnut

The Micronaut is a compact and highly musical mini amplifier head that offers exceptional usability. In terms of tone control, it features a tilt EQ tone control and a voice switch with two selectable options. 'Mode I' provides a cleaner and slightly scooped voice, delivering a beautiful and sweet sound with sufficient headroom to accommodate a full pedalboard. On the other hand, 'Mode II' is the dirtier setting that significantly alters the amp's response, resulting in an astonishing display of harmonic textures. This mode offers enhanced touch sensitivity and a seamless transition from clean to dirty tones. It boasts the most intricate distortion range in our lineup, encompassing everything from gentle drive to captivating shoegaze-inspired wild fuzz. The experience is truly enjoyable.

What sets this amp apart is its remarkable line out functionality. Unlike other amplifiers that derive their line out signal from the preamp stage or resistively tap it from the speaker, the Micronaut employs a dedicated winding on the output transformer, completely isolating it from the rest of the signal. It even has its own level control. The line out operates in conjunction with an isolated reactive load, allowing you to access the full power drive signal and response of the amp, complete with all the natural peaks and dips of its EQ, regardless of what you connect it to—be it another amp, a pedal chain, a mixer, a DAW, and more.

One of our favorite applications involves using the Micronaut in a pseudo wet/dry stereo setup. You can run your instrument into a cranked Micronaut, feeding a dedicated 8-ohm speaker cabinet for the 'dry' signal. Simultaneously, take the line out and employ it to drive a pedalboard filled with modulation effects, routing the output into another amp for the 'wet' signal. The result is an incredibly satisfying and impressive sound.

Whether you employ it as a DI for a flawless desktop pedal platform or to push your favorite amp into the realms of immense power tube fuzz, the Micronaut is guaranteed to provide countless hours of exhilarating enjoyment.


  • Works as an amp, pedal, and DI
  • The two different Modes produce amazing tone
  • The tilt EQ Tone control is simple yet versatile 
  • 8 Ohms speaker output
  • Takes pedals great


  • Output: ~4W @ 8 Ohms
  • Tubes: 1 x 12AX7, 1 x EL84
  • Transformers: Soursound
  • Controls: Gain, Tone, Voice switch, Line out volume (rear)
  • Dimensions: 9" x 7.75" x 6" @ 6.5 lbs

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