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Schilke P7-4 Custom Series Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet

Item ID: P7-4

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Schilke P7-4 Custom Series Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet

The P7-4 is an excellent choice for the musician in search of a freer, broader blowing piccolo trumpet. This model is ideal for orchestral, chamber and solo performance. Blending exceptionally well with large trumpets, the P7-4 features a full 180 degree radius bell bow and is configured with a first slide saddle, third slide ring.



One-piece “Beryllium” Bell

Unsoldered Bead

#8 Bell Taper

.450″ Medium Bore

Lightweight Design

1st slide saddle & 3rd slide ring


MA option (Additional 4th slide which lowers pitch a whole tone to facilitate trills)

1st slide ring

Pinky ring

Amado waterkey


Lifetime Warranty