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Rubber Band Arrangements Elastic Orchestra

Rubber Band Arrangements Elastic Orchestra

by Steve Hommel

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The Elastic Orchestra is a collection of 19 highly flexible pieces for beginning and intermediate string ensembles.  The arrangements include important classical themes, holiday favorites, American classics, international folk music, rock and jazz.  These pieces are scored to sound complete with practically any instrumentation, even Violins only!

Explore each of the 19 pieces below by clicking on its named row. For each piece you will find:

•  A student performance Video

•  The Building Blocks, where the orchestra learns all musical components of the piece in unison

•  The actual Concert Piece. After studying the Building Blocks, your orchestra will literally sight read their way through these rich contrapuntal pieces!

•  Virtuoso part, alternate parts to challenge your advanced players, found in the back of every student book!

•  Easy String parts, alternate parts for beginning students to play along, found in the alternate EASY books available for all Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass. Most of the Easy String Parts use open strings and first finger notes only, while the later pieces add second finger notes and eventually introduce the third finger