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Rousseau Classic 4R Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

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The Rousseau Classic R Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

The Original Rousseau since 1972 – Warm Dark Sound.

The Classic R Series Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece is the original E. Rousseau design, first introduced in 1972. When Dr. Rousseau couldn’t find any commercially available saxophone mouthpieces on the market to recommend to his classical students he decided to try and design his own mouthpiece. The R Series Saxophone mouthpieces were inspired by a mouthpiece that Marcel Mule gave Dr. Rousseau in 1961. The Classic R Series is designed to meet the needs of the serious classical performer. These mouthpieces provide a warm, centered tone, positive response, and powerful projection with medium resistance and solid control.

The Classic R Series is available for all saxophone models (S/A/T/B) and can provide a consistent tonal base for the entire saxophone section and small ensembles.

What makes the Classic R Alto Better for Concert Band, Saxophone Quartet, Orchestra and Solos?

Intonation, darkness of sound and excellent blending capability of the Classic R series are the qualities that make it a favorite of band directors.The R Series was designed by Eugene Rousseau, one of the most significant players and teachers of saxophone for the past fifty years. Rousseau is not only one of the world’s finest classical players and a most prominent teacher; he also learned about woodwind acoustics and design from Charles Houvenaghel, regarded at that time as the greatest acoustician since Adolph Sax.

This Classic R Alto saxophone mouthpiece provides for superior tone, responsiveness, and projection. It promotes a full range of tonal colors and excellent tonal center. The Classic R is designed for natural reed fit and easier tuning. 

Rousseau mouthpieces are designed for saxophonists at every level from World Class Concertizing Artists, To University Professors to aspiring students from Middle School to College.

Rousseau mouthpieces are made from traditional hard Rubber and manufactured 100% in the USA and then expertly hand finished by artisans at the JodyJazz Factory on the crucial and indispensable final details of the mouthpiece such as baffle and tip rail.

At the JodyJazz Factory they play test every single Rousseau Mouthpiece after they do extensive hand work and gauge and measure each piece. Consistency and Excellence is their Obsession.

Classic R Alto-4R Tip Opening: .066" (1.68mm)


The R Series is where it all started. Over the years there have been some mouthpieces designed by player/educators but probably never before was a mouthpiece designed by someone with the qualifications of Eugene Rousseau. From his studies with Marcel Mule, the founder of the French Saxophone School and Charles Houvenaghel, the famous French Acoustician, to his designing of the modern Yamaha Saxophone, to his extensive solo career and legendary teaching, Dr. Rousseau had the background and tools to make a legendary mouthpiece which he did. Now I have the great honor to make sure that the Rousseau designs are delivered to you as intended by their creator.