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Rampone & Cazzani Solista Tenor Saxophone - 2008SO0294

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After years of searching for the "perfect sound" a Rampone Sax is Born.


Rampone & Cazzani Solista Tenor Saxophone (Gold Plated Copper)

The Solista … creating the Space where Expression takes place !!

Honoring our past and the craftsmen who produced the Solista Models of the 1920’s, we are introducing the modern "Il Solista", a willing marriage of the traditional past with the sparkle and technical agility of the present.
Our "Il Solista" Saxophone combines the knowledge gleaned from our forefathers with our modern understanding of materials and ergonomy, to create and instrument of great fluidity and warmth of sound.

Elegance into Sound

Only two materials, Copper and Gold … but how they are mixed … how selectively … how passionately !!
These are the ingredients magically mixed into “Il Solista”.

Saxophone sonority

The geometry of the saxophone tube is undoubtedly the crucial parameter for determining the sound of an instrument. We at Rampone & Cazzani have had ample opportunity to study and carefully analyze a large number of the best saxophones ever made. The conclusions that we have reached are based on our analyses and we study to this day … the past fuels the present and gives birth to the future.

Our studies have led us to the conclusion that a wide bore saxophone, enhances depth as well as warmth of sound. It is these characteristics which have led players to compare our horns with the Great Vintage Saxes of the past. Our “sound” distinguishes our horns from everything that is being produced elsewhere today.

The freedom to choose

We have allowed our emotions to mingle with experimental rigor … the result has been a freedom and the achievement of a harmonic unity.

In order to pursue our sonic ideal we have developed a number of operations which we believe make achievement of our goals more possible. The wooden mallet is used liberally to “work” the metal. It is then pulled over steel forms followed by an annealing process.

Our choice of metals whether Brass, Bronze, Copper or Solid Sterling Silver encourages a luxurious vibration and as much sonic freedom as possible.
The choice of metal is up to the player. His/her taste must dictate which in the palette of tonal colors is preferred.

Quality - a family heritage

Located in Quarna Sotto, a village high above Lago d’Orta in the North Italian Piedmont region, the Zolla family has continued a long tradition of building wind instruments of great quality. Their determination is to build an instrument which will allow the performing artist the freedom to express his/her musical emotions beautifully.

A constant search for perfection …

A FASCINATION WITH SOUND …We are passionately engaged in the manufacture of a hand-crafted saxophone with a unique sonic character having great complexity, flexibility and distinction.

THE CRAFTMAN'S TOUCH …The search for sonic perfection stimulates creativity and innovation. We are constantly engaged in the nature of the relationship between metals and sonics and understand quite clearly that the slightest of details may not be neglected.

A MUSICIAN'S NEEDS …We offer a wide range of saxophones … from Sopranino to Baritone as well as the more exotic semi-curved soprano (Saxello), the Altello and the Saxellino.


Rampone's Wide Bore

Neck, Body, Bow and Bell - Made by Hand

Solid Copper - Gold Plated Body

Matte Finish - which slows the oxidation process 

Unlacquered - which frees the harmonics


Hand Engraved

100% Made by Hand in Italy

Range from Low Bb to High F#

Options: Without High F#

Neck: Copper - Gold Plated

Body: Copper - Gold Plated

Keys: Brass - Gold Plated

Components: Brass - Copper Plated

Model: 2008/SO-0294