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Promark Hot Rods

Promark Hot Rods

The original bundled dowel drumstick, Promark Hot Rods are perfect when you need to play in a quiet environment. This alternate sound source is made using premium birch dowels and provide a lighter sound than traditional drumsticks, but enough articulation.

Hot Rods are more than just a quiet drumstick though! Providing a unique sound and feel, Promark Hot Rods, along with the other Alternate Sound Sources from Promark, open up a whole new palette for you to create new sounds with your existing drums and cymbals. Every drummer should have a pair of Hot Rods in the stick bag!


    • The original bundled dowel drumstick
    • Great for small rooms and quiet performances
    • An excellent alternative to drumsticks for a unique sound


     Model: Hot Rods
    Material: Birch
    Length: 16"
    Diameter: .560
    Manufacturer Part Number: H-RODS