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Promark Cool Rods


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Promark Cool Rods

The ProMark Cool Rods are designed with birch dowels, making them the perfect tool for unplugged gigs. This alternate sound source provides you with a more-delicate sound than the Hot Rods model.

With nineteen small birch dowels, the Promark Cool Rods are quieter and less aggressive then their older cousins. They still create that 'ticky' sound you want from a pair of bundled dowel sticks, and still have the smooth handle and special wrap near the neck to keep the bundles at just the right tightness.


  • The original bundled dowel drumstick
  • Great for small rooms and quiet performances
  • An excellent alternative to drumsticks for a unique sound
  • Lightest rods in the series


 Model: Cool Rods
Material: Birch
Length: 16"
Diameter: .425
Manufacturer Part Number: C-RODS