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Pickett Brass 2 Backbore with 27 Throat - 2BB27

One of a kind mouthpiece backbores.  We offer seven different styles to compliment any playing situation.  All brushed finished unless otherwise requested.

Backbore: #0

Very free blowing backbore that allows the orchestral player to use massive quantities of air without losing focus.  Commonly paired with either a #24, or #25 throat. 
Applications - Orchestral/Symphonic playing
Backbore: #1
For players who prefer a free blow with less resistance than the #2 backbore. 
Applications - Orchestral/Symphonic playing
Backbore: #2
This backbore offers the 'classic' feel that classical players have grown accustomed to.  With just the right amount of resistance this backbore has a bold beautiful tone.
Applications - Orchestral/Symphonic/Soloistic/Chamber playing
Backbore: #3
Offers great stability while retaining that 'classic' sound.  Offers more resistance than the #2 without losing the beautiful tone. Applications - Chamber Orchestra/Jazz Combo/Soloistic playing
Backbore: #4
A compact, and focused sound without adding great resistance. This backbore blends well for big band section playing without producing that strident sound known for lead trumpet playing. The compact, and focused sound pair nicely for piccolo trumpet playing. Applications- Jazz Band/Jazz Combo/Piccolo Trumpet/Soloistic playing