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Performance Plus F-F Chromatic Pitchpipe

  • CP-F Chromatic “F-F” Pitch Pipe for Singers, Vocalist, Choir or Chorus, Church Groups, Chorus Ensembles, A cappella groups, Barber Shop Quartets, Sweet Adeline’s
  • Designed for a lifetime of enjoyment. Both sides of the covers are marked with the 13 notes. Side one-has a Brass Plated with Permanently “Raised Embossed” Corresponding Notes. The reverse Blue Side is screen painted white with safe “non toxic” lettering
  • Each Chromatic Pitch Pipe has 13 Hand-tuned, Harmonica quality Brass Reeds with Extra Tight Non Leaking Tone Chambers
  • Electronically test by Exacting Strobe Testers to insure they are Precision Tuned for the full Chromatic Scale
  • Male Singers most often use F-F pipes, while Female Singers tend to use C-C pipes. CP-C Performance Plus chromatic pitch Pipe range of C-to-C, CP-F Performance Plus Chromatic Pitch Pipe range of F to F