Park P18C 18 Watt 1x12 Combo - Black & Blue | Palen Music Guitar Amplifier $3,400.00 Park

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Park P18C 18 Watt 1x12 Combo - Black & Blue


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Park P18C 18 Watt 1x12 Combo

Based on the Marshal 18 (1974 Model Series) and WEM Dominator.

Ambitiously building on a twice world famous circuit, the Park P18 Combo is up for the challenge with Mitch Colby’s additional upgrades - the ability to switch into ‘High Gain Mode’ by cascading the channels, and to now switch from 18 watts down to 7 watts, 1 watt or 0.5 watt, while still producing ‘record quality’ tone.

Mitch: ‘a great little stand alone tube amp with the ability to play at extremely low volumes while retaining great tone (most low volume amps 'whimper' but not the Park 18 in 0.5watt mode)’

This remarkable amp/circuit started out as the WEM Dominator, a great EL84 amplifier, that really shines with its ’throaty overdriven sound and smooth tremolo circuit’. Jim Marshall’s ‘18 Watter’ which has also become legendary was based on the WEM Dominator but he brought it to a new level of aggressive Rock sound - ‘It’s got the grind of a much bigger amp’.

With his added features Mitch has taken this circuit to a new even higher level of ‘beautiful clean sounds and aggressive rock tones’ with the ability to produce them at reduced wattage.


  • — switchable cascading Gain Channels = next level fun.
  • — 18 watt - 7 watt - 1 watt - 1/2 watt - power on tap.
  • — Sounds great even at low wattage!
  • — El 84 power tubes.
  • — Two channels each with Volume and Tone controls.
  • — Tremolo on channel two with Speed and Intensity controls, foot switchable.
  • — Two speaker outputs switchable from 8 and 16 ohm.
  • — Compact and lightweight.
  • — Uk built clone of the highly revered Radio Spares EL84 output transformer.
  • — top mount chassis
  • — Upgraded Vintone (a reconed brand new Alnico Blue) - can’t argue with great tone.

Condition: Comes with original factory packaging and documentation.

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