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Mono Vertigo Jet Black Electric Case

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Mono Vertigo Jet Black Electric Case

Mono Vertigo Jet Black Electric Case with top loading, headlock automatic suspension, the boot drop stopper, and smart storage.

The award-winning Top-Loading™ design of a the Vertigo allows for easy access to the guitar while in a standing position (patents pending). The Boot™ on the bottom uses sneaker technology to protect the guitar against vertical drops. The automatic Headlock™ grips the guitar inside suspending the headstock and neck during transit. The Vertigo is light, fast, sleek and rugged.


  • Top Loading- The Vertigo™ does not open like a traditional guitar case. Its design allows you to quickly unzip the case and pull your guitar out from the top. This is enabled by a hidden diagonal hinge on the front panel of the case.
  • Lock and Load- The Vertigo™ features a fully redesigned Headlock™ neck suspension system. No strapping, buckling, or belting required. No extra steps. Just throw your guitar in and the neck finds a natural resting point in the base of the Headlock™.
  • Drop Proof- The Boot™ takes guitar protection to a new level. Using manufacturing technologies from the footwear industry, the Vertigo™ bounces off of concrete like a pair of cross trainers. With its custom molded rubber outsole and EVA insole, The Boot™ also protects strap pins of all shapes and sizes from those nasty vertical drops.
  • Strap Pin Protection- The insole/outsole combination of The Boot™ design keeps the strap pin off the ground even during hard vertical drops.
  • Impact Deflection- Integral ABS panels deliver hardcase protection at a fraction of the weight. (MONO cases weigh in at about 75% less than their hardcase counterparts.) The reinforced outer shell of the Vertigo™ absorbs and deflects hard impact away from the vulnerable areas of the guitar.
  • Smart Storage- Everything in its place. Specialized storage compartments put your gear right where you need it. Deep gussets make sure your small items stay put.
  • Built to Last- Mono builds their cases to military specs, using only high-test materials with extreme resistance to abrasion and the elements. Inside, the plush lining protects delicate custom finishes. Outside, the water-resistant Sharkskin™ shell keeps you on the move, rain or shine. 100% animal free.


  • Intended Guitar Type:Electric Guitar
  • Int Overall Length:41.5"
  • Int Body Length:16"
  • Int Body Depth:3"
  • Int Lower Bout Width:14.5"
  • Int Upper Bout Width:11.5"
  • Internal Materials:Internal padding, EVA insole, molded rubber outsole
  • External Materials:Hybrid shell/Sharkskin waterproof outer shell
  • Handles/Straps:Carry handle, backpack-style straps
  • Pockets:1 x ext
  • Manufacturer Part Number:M80-VEG-BLK

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