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LsL Instruments Saticoy HSS Electric Guitar "Maritime" - Davy Jones Locker

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LsL Instruments Saticoy HSS Electric Guitar "Maritime" - Davy Jones Locker

Ahoy, me hearties! Step into the boundless realm of ageless melody and masterful handiwork with the LsL Instruments Saticoy Electric Guitar. Drawn from the legendary style of guitars that sailed the musical seas back in 1954, Lance, the crafty mind behind LsL Instruments, set sail on a grand voyage to recapture the enchantment of that era. Setting his sights on an authentic treasure, the holy grail guitar marked as number 1055, Lance found his muse and embarked on a quest to forge a masterpiece that tips its hat to the past while embracing the horizon of the future.

Every aspect of the Saticoy guitar has been meticulously shaped to capture the spirit of vintage melody and sensation. Plucking from the legacy of the revered guitar, bearing the number 1055, LsL has not only recreated its faithful essence but also enhanced it with subtle yet impactful touches. The result be a guitar that stands as a testament to both ancestry and invention.

The body of the Saticoy parades a refined figure, artfully reimagined to grant superior comfort and maneuverability. Hand-crafted contours meld together seamlessly, birthing an instrument that feels like a natural extension of yer own creative soul. The attention to detail in the body's conception ensures a smoother, more liquid playing experience that effortlessly bends to yer every whim.

But the sorcery ain't done at the exterior, mateys. LsL Instruments has skillfully tuned the electronics to summon the finest from each pickup. With a cunning twist, the lower tone knob be dedicated to the bridge pickup, lettin' ye shape its voice with precision. The middle tone knob takes the helm for both the middle and bridge pickups, grantin' ye unparalleled rule over yer sonic canvas. This ingenious setup unfurls a world of tonal adventures, allowing ye to craft yer sound to match yer artistic vision.

LsL's steadfast devotion to sculpting a guitar that exudes vintage allure without the weighty price tag be evident in every facet of the Saticoy. This treasure ain't just for collectors and aficionados; it's designed for the minstrels who pour their heart and soul into their craft. Whether ye be gracing the stage of a majestic theater or pourin' yer passion into an intimate tavern shindig, the Saticoy stands as a steadfast mate that delivers on its vows.

The Saticoy be more than just a guitar; it be a manifestation of decades of know-how, love for music, and an unyielding pursuit of flawlessness. It be no surprise that some of Lance's own guitar idols have taken to the Saticoy as their chosen instrument. Join the ranks of top-tier players who demand naught but the finest, and bask in the vintage sounds and sensations that only LsL Instruments can unleash.

Unleash yer potential with the LsL Instruments Saticoy Electric Guitar — where vintage whispers meet modern artistry.

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  • RRRR!!! She be a shredder!!!!
  • Can ye handle the tasty riffs from Davy Jones Locker?!?
  • NItro-finished alder body
  • 21-fret, 25.5"-scale roasted maple on roasted maple neck
  • LsL hand-wound pickups
  • Hand-built courtesy of the masters at LSL


  • Model: Saticoy Classic HSS Style
  • Body Aging: Light
  • Neck Aging: Light
  • Hardware Aging: Light
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Bridge: Hipshot 2 Point Trem
  • Tuners: Modern Locking
  • Knobs:Black
  • Body Woods: Swamp Ash
  • Top Woods: None
  • Top Color: Davy Jones Locker
  • Body Color: Davy Jones Locker
  • Binding: None
  • Pickguard: Black Satin
  • Neck Shape: Medium C
  • Neck Wood: Roasted Flame Maple
  • Neck Finish: Satin
  • Fingerboard: Roasted Flame Maple
  • Radius: 9.5
  • Headstock: Satin
  • Frets: 6105
  • Electronics: VT5way P/P Splits Hum
  • Pickup Config:  Humbucker/Single/Single
  • Pickup Color: Chrome/Black

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