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LSL Guitars Lucid OD

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LSL Guitars Lucid OD

The LSL Instruments LUCID OD is their tribute to the most infamous and notorious pedal of all time. The Klon Centaur®

With OPPOSITE turning tone knob to give you that sought after “Squak” when wide open. And completely mellow and lush when dialed to 10. Down the middle it’s gritty but smooth. This pedal is a useful tool for any blues, rock, funk or indie player who has a need for a true transparent overdrive in the vein of the one that started them all. Lucid OD has a very particular saturation that sculpts the tone of your amp without changing it from it’s natural state.. Thanks to its voltage doubler, the circuit works at 18v, which gives it a better response margin when the gain is at maximum. The LUCID OD seems to be comfortable in any setting on nearly any tube amp you can throw at it.

LSL Instruments is a boutique guitar builder first and foremost. LSS is very glad to offer these pedals to the thousands of LSL owners worldwide, and hope to gain new family and friends of the company via the addition of stomp boxes to our product offerings. Many of their fans already own a custom guitar of their choosing, but their hope is to bring you into the family with these high quality, made in the USA effects pedals!


  • Pays homage to the legendary Klon Centaur pedal, known for its iconic sound
  • LUCID OD features an inverted tone knob that delivers a distinctive "Squak" when wide open and smooth mellowness at 10, offering gritty yet smooth tones at the mid setting
  • Ideal for blues, rock, funk, and indie players, the pedal offers a transparent overdrive like the original Klon Centaur, with a unique saturation that enhances amp tones
  • Utilizing a voltage doubler, the pedal operates at 18v, providing improved response at maximum gain and sculpting amp tones without altering their natural character
  • LUCID OD is designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of tube amps, making it suitable for various playing styles and musical settings


  • Steel Enclosure: Yes
  • True Bypass Switching: Yes
  • Input impedance: 600kΩ
  • Output impedance: 3kΩ
  • Input-output Jack: ¼ in
  • Power supply: 9V DC (Negative Center)
  • DC Jack: 2.1mm
  • Power consumption: 20mA (9V)

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