Fender Pro Junior IV 1x10" 15-watt Tube Combo Amp | Palen Music Guitar Amplifier $649.99 Fender

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Fender Pro Junior IV 1x10" 15-watt Tube Combo Amp

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Fender Pro Junior IV at Palen Music Center

Palen Music Center carries many amps with many styles to make sure that you can find the sound you are looking for! The Pro Junior IV is just one of them. Fender revoiced the Pro Junior IV’s overdrive circuit, tightening the bass response while improving the clarity and definition for tone that snarls with attitude when pushed. Modifying the volume circuit allows for more gradual and linear breakup as volume increases, making it easier to precisely dial-in tones that range from sparkling and pristine to gritty and mean. Jensen speakers are the traditional Fender amp speakers, featuring sweet articulation with cool vintage-style breakup when pushed.

Iconic Fender Sound and Style

Long-revered by players of all stripes, the 15-watt Pro Junior IV adds a modified volume circuit and a classic tweed appearance to this workhorse amplifier. A compact and straightforward tone machine, this amp is ideal for performing guitarists who need great tone and remarkably touch-sensitive dynamic response. The exclusive lacquer tweed covering has a fresh-from-the-factory look straight from the late '50s and a vibe that's cool on any stage. In addition to the handsome covering, this amp features the silvery style of a mirrored chrome control panel capped with a Fender hallmark: a vintage-style jewel light. As a special touch, this amp’s handle is carefully crafted from leather. Not only is the handle durable and stylish, the all-leather construction is an authentic detail from Fenders past.

Fender Pro Junior IV Features:

  • 15 watts
  • 10" Jensen® P10R speaker
  • Volume circuit modified for more gradual breakup
  • Tighter bass response when overdriven
  • Lacquered tweed covering; vintage-style '50's grille cloth; leather handle 
  • Chrome control panel with vintage-style red jewel light

Product Specifications:

Recommended Cover:
P/N: 0047484000, Pro Junior, Brown
Volume, Tone
One - 1/4"
Effects Loop:
Cabinet Material: 3/4" Particle Board
Amplifier Covering:
Lacquered Tweed
Grille Cloth:
50s Style
Amplifier Jewel:
Front Panel:
Vintage Leather Strap
One- 10" Jenson P10R Alnico
Total Impedance:
8 ohms
Preamp Tubes: 2 x 12AX7
Power Tubes:  2 x EL84
Rectifier: Solid State
Amp Height:  14.5" (36.8 cm)
Amp Depth: 8.75" (22.22 cm)
Amp Width: 15.25" (38.73 cm)
Amp Weight: 22.85 lbs (10.36 kg)