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S. E. Shires Custom Series C Trumpet - 401

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The Model 401 C Trumpet features a heavyweight bell that produces a big and powerful song with easy response.  Combined with an open and centered lead pipe, it produces an ideal balance of clarity, depth, and projection.

Model 401

The S.E. Shires Model 401 trumpet is the latest version of our original signature C trumpet. It features a uniquely balanced heavyweight “4”bell taper, which combines a big, powerful sound with easy response. The bell of the 401 updates the design of traditional C trumpet bells in that it is bent slightly shorter, resulting in a Z-brace placement closer to the bell bend. For some players, this can solidify the feel and quicken response. Matched with the open 401 leadpipe and the centered and projecting WF tuning slide, it produces an ideal balance of breadth, clarity, depth, and projection. Yellow-brass balusters add warmth to the sound while nickel-silver valve caps add brilliance and character, increase its core, and contribute to cleanness and immediacy of attack.

  • Bore: .462 inch

  • 401 Bell: 4 13⁄16 inch, one piece, hand-hammered "4" (open) taper in balanced heavyweight yellow brass, with traditionally brazed (side) seam, brass bead, and dual-radius bell bend

  • 401 Leadpipe: .351-inch venturi, standard-weight yellow brass—open and free-blowing, with easy response

  • WF Tuning Slide: dual-radius bend, flanged braces, standard water key—centered core, brilliance, and presence of sound

  • Piston Material: hand-lapped Monel

  • Valve Cluster: two-piece casings, standard weight, with yellow-brass balusters

  • Lower Valve Caps: nickel silver

  • Bell Engraving: S.E. Shires makers mark, model designation, and traditional floral pattern

  • Includes S.E. Shires double trumpet case, mouthpiece, and care kit

Custom Series C Trumpets

The team at S.E. Shires Co. has benefitted from a close relationship with some of the world’s leading orchestral players and soloists to develop its C trumpets. With a sound rivaling the most sought after vintage instruments, our C trumpets boast incredible consistency, intonation, and ease of playing. Available standard in .462-inch bore, we offer models that will excel in orchestral, chamber, and solo performance.

S.E. Shires Trumpets

S.E. Shires Co. fabricates, assembles, and finishes every trumpet onsite in its Massachusetts factory with meticulous care. Shires bells—known for their rich sound, easy response, and incredible projection—benefit from our decades of experience as instrument builders and designers. Our valves, slides and tubing are tested thoroughly for a tight fit and perfect action at every stage of manufacture. Our components are sized, bent, and aligned with meticulous attention for tension-free assembly. This handcrafted approach to instrument construction ensures that the sound of every S.E. Shires trumpet displays incredible depth, complexity and character—giving the player an unrivaled sonic palette with which to work. S.E. Shires makes beautiful instruments, built to last for many years.