DEMO Yamaha Allegro YHR-570DAL Double French Horn | Palen Music French Horn $3,595.00 Yamaha

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DEMO Yamaha Allegro YHR-570DAL Double French Horn

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DEMO Yamaha Allegro YHR-570DAL Double French Horn

Step Up With Confidence

The new YHR-570DAL combines the legendary and trusted platform of the YHR-567D with features only found on Yamaha professional and Custom level horns. Sharing elements from models with proven records of reliable performance, the new 570DAL is a perfect addition to the Allegro family and an excellent choice for students looking to take their performance to the next level.


▪ Two-piece Lever System
o The same lever system found on the YHR-671D
▪ Adjustable Thumb Lever
o Ergonomic design from the YHR-671D
▪ Brass Rotor Caps
o Shared with Yamaha Custom models offering quick response
and added upper overtones
▪ Knurled Mouthpiece Receiver
▪ Engraved Allegro logo on the bell
▪ HRC-570DAL Case
o Briefcase-style wood shell case


Key of F/Bb Double Horn

.472" Bore

12 1/2" Medium Throat

Detachable Bell


32C4 Mouthpiece

This instrument pictured is the exact instrument you will receive. This is a sales floor demo model but is still new with full manufacturer's warranty.