DEMO Cannonball A5-R Big Bell Stone Series Professional Alto Saxophone - Black Ruby Lacquer | Palen Music Saxophone $2,995.00 Cannonball

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DEMO Cannonball A5-R Big Bell Stone Series Professional Alto Saxophone - Black Ruby Lacquer

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DEMO Cannonball A5-R Big Bell Stone Series Professional Alto Saxophone - Black Ruby Lacquer

Black Ruby Lacquered Body and Keys


The Big Bell®, created by Cannonball® in 2001, enhances the ability to create a broad range of dynamics for a depth of the sound color and lower partials. The increased size also lends to a big, warm sound.


Semi-precious stones adorn the key touches, necks, and bell key guard of the Premium Big Bell® Stone Series®. These beautiful stones give the instrument a striking look, and are also patented for the way they change the instrument’s resonance.


Our Big Bell® Stone Series® is beautifully hand engraved by our artisans here in the USA. (excluding ice finishes, ie. Raven®, Hotspur™)


Each Premium Pro Big Bell® Stone Series® saxophone (A5) comes standard with two hand-customized necks. The second neck on alto and tenor models is the FAT Neck® which has the octave tube on the underside of the neck. This creates a more free-blowing feel and emphasizes the mids and lows, resulting in a FAT feel and FAT sound.


  • Big Bell
  • One-Piece Hand-Hammered Bell
  • Two Hand-Customized Necks
  • Semi-Precious Stones
  • High F#
  • Ribbed Construction
  • Detachable Bell and Bow
  • Annealed Bell, Bow and Necks
  • Italian Pisoni Water-Resistant Leather Pads w/Wool Felt
  • Convex Nickel-Plated Brass Resonators
  • Blue Steel Springs
  • Power Forged Keys
  • Upper and Lower Stack Adjustment Screws
  • Adjustable Metal Thumb Hook
  • Pivoting C#-Bb Table Mechanism
  • Stabilizing Brace for Left Hand Spatula
  • Relief Springs on G# and Low C# Keys
  • Machined One-Piece Neck Receiver
  • Double Arms on Bell Keys
  • Hard Rubber Mouthpiece
  • Acoustically Hand Customized by a Professional
  • Case

The instrument pictured is the actual instrument you will receive. It has never been owned or purchased. It has only ever been a sales floor demo model.