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Buffet Crampon ClariMate Digital Clarinet Mute

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Buffet Crampon ClariMate Digital Clarinet Mute

The Buffet Crampon ClariMate Digital Clarinet Mute, a cutting-edge accessory that revolutionizes your clarinet playing. With advanced digital technology, customizable sound profiles, and seamless integration with your instrument, this compact and lightweight mute offers a new level of expressive possibilities. Designed by Buffet Crampon for durability and precision, the ClariMate empowers musicians of all levels to shape their sound, explore tonal variations, and unleash their creativity. Elevate your clarinet performance with the ClariMate Digital Clarinet Mute.


  • Accommodates any Bb clarinet
  • USB-C connector for MIDI connectivity, updates, and quick charging
  • You may experiment with VSTs and synths in MIDI mode
  • Bluetooth provides a smooth play-along experience and enables phone-based configuration adjustments
  • Up to 4 hours of battery life are provided by lithium-ion batteries
  • Your dynamic levels are reflected by a high-quality breath sensor
  • Your acoustic embouchure is simulated by realistic reed placement
  • Headphone output 1/8-inch port
  • Includes setup instructions, active reeds, and USB-C cord


  • Type:Digital Practice Mute
  • Compatibility:Bb Clarinets
  • Connectivity:1/8" (headphones), USB-C, Bluetooth (play along, setting changes)
  • Dimensions:2.36" x 3.15" x 1.97"
  • Power Source:Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery (4-hour runtime)
  • Manufacturer Part Number:BC9713-0

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