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Yamaha YFL-321 Intermediate Silver Flute

Item ID: YFL321

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Yamaha Intermediate Silver Flute - Key of C, Nickel Silver Body and Keys,Offset G Key System

About this item

More than Just Inexpensive Versions of our Professional Flutes... This Yamaha intermediate closed-hole flute combines the durability of nickel silver with the beautiful sound of a solid silver headjoint.

The headjoint is an important factor in determining the tone. 300 Series flutes feature a sterling silver headjoint, and a nickel silver body and footjoint. These features combine to provide a flute that offers both durability and a brilliant, singing sound! The YFL-321 features closed-holed keys for easy of playability.

Yamaha YFL-321 Intermediate Silver Flute Features at a Glance:

  • Sterling Silver Headjoint
  • Closed-Hole Keys
  • Undercut and Beveled Embouchure Hole
  • Double Bladder Pads
  • Nickel-Silver, Power-Forged Keys
  • Neoprene Key Bumpers
  • Strong Post Design
  • Footjoint Marking
  • Ergonomic Key Shapes
  • Adjustment Screws

Sterling Silver Headjoint

A sterling silver headjoint provides a beautiful sound with warm, colorful resonance.

Closed-Hole Keys

Closed-hole (Plateau) keys facilitate ease of playability for beginners.

Undercut and Beveled Embouchure Hole

Speicifically designed for a clean attack, sensitive response, and accurate intonation.

Double Bladder Pads

Longer life and maximum seating.

Nickel-Silver, Power-Forged Keys

Very durable and less susceptible to breakage.

Neoprene Key Bumpers:

Stronger and more durable than cork.

Strong Post Design

Key posts have been thickened and redesigned for improved durability and strength to maintain accurate rod alignment.

Footjoint Marking

A unique footjoint alignment mark facilitates proper fitting by young players.

Ergonomic Key Shapes

All key shapes and placement have been ergonomically designed for comfortable, natural-feeling performance. The keys are hand-assembled and adjusted for a perfect 'touch' and balance.

Adjustment Screws

Yamaha's unique screw resistance inserts allow smooth adjustments while preventing gradual loosening of the screws.

Product Specifications:

Level: Intermediate
Key: C
Body Style: Type-1
Body Material: Nickel Silver
Headjoint: CY Cut; Sterling Silver
Key Material: Nickel Silver
Footjoint: C
Plating: Silver
Tone Holes: Drawn
Key Types: Plateau
Key System: Offset G
Key Mechanism: N/A
Spring Type: Stainless Steel
Screw Type: Straight; Headed Pivot
Bumper Type: Neoprene
Case Included: Hardshell
Item ID: YFL-321