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Mojo Hand FX Mr O-Phase Shifter

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Mojo Hand FX Mr O-Phase Shifter 

The Mr O was created to reproduce the special and beloved sound of the original phase shifter pedal.

Released in the early 1970's intending to replicate the sound of a Leslie rotary speaker, the phase shifter turned into a widely popular effect that influenced the sound and role of the electric guitar ever since. After many hours of careful listening, playing, and tweaking, we finally arrived at a design that earned its colors and has the elusive magic of this historic pedal.

Mr O stays true to the original's six phase stages while packing much more inside of a smaller, pedalboard friendly footprint. Since the original had just three speed switches and no other adjustments, we gave the Mr O extra flexibility to satisfy the needs of a modern instrumentalist seeking the tones of this vintage classic. 


  • True Bypass
  • The Mr O and MojoHandFX is in NO way sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with Gibson or Maestro. MojoHandFX does not want to associate with or disrupt the legacy and goodwill of Gibson's Maestro mark.
  • No stepping up in speed. 


  • Pedal Type:Phaser
  • Weight:0.5kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH):12.2 x 6.6 x 4cm
  • Analog or Digital:Analog
  • Manufacturer Part Number:Mr O

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