Zildjian K0881 14" K Mini China | Palen Music Cymbals $284.95 Zildjian

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Zildjian K0881 14" K Mini China

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Zildjian K0881 14" K Mini China

K Zildjian Chinas are low-pitched china cymbals that let loose with spectacular dark sound effects. The smallest option and unique in size, the 14" K Mini China has a quick attack with distinct tone colors and is perfect for landing short, sharp accents. It sustains with a medium decay.


  • Exotic, mellow dark tone
  • Lands heavily with more body
  • Great for inserting spectacular dark effects
  • Provides booming sound for accents


  • Series:K Zildjian
  • Type:Mini China
  • Size:14"
  • Weight:Thin
  • Finish:Traditional
  • Material:B20, Cast Bronze
  • Pitch:Low to mid
  • Sound:Dark
  • Manufacturer Part Number:K0881

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