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Promark Lightning Rods


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Promark Lightning Rods RODS

The ProMark Lightning Rods offer more attack, increased projection, and brighter cymbal sounds than our Hot Rods model. This alternate sound source is constructed with seven large birch dowels.

Lightning Rods are more than just a quiet drumstick though! Providing a unique sound and feel, Promark Lightning Rods, along with the other Alternate Sound Sources from Promark, open up a whole new palette for you to create new sounds with your existing drums and cymbals. Every drummer should have a pair of Lightning Rods in the stick bag!


  • The original bundled dowel drumstick
  • Great for small rooms and quiet performances
  • An excellent alternative to drumsticks for a unique sound
  • Lighter than Thunder Rods, but tougher than Hot Rods


 Model: Lighting Rods
Material: Birch
Length: 16"
Diameter: .530
Manufacturer Part Number: L-RODS