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GFI Systems Cabzeus Mono Speaker Simulator + DI Box


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GFI Systems Cabzeus Mono Speaker Simulator + DI Box 

Cabzeus MONO is a compact yet powerful speaker simulator + DI.Box pedal. It was developed as a single channel version of its stereo big brother, Cabzeus. Cabzeus Mono offers 12 Speaker algorithms modeled after the real-life counterparts, each algorithms has 4 variations (speaker size and cabinet type), for a total of 48 sounds to select from. 


  • Compact Speaker / Cabinet simulator + DI Box.
  • Ports : Input, Thru, Outputs (balanced - XLR)
  • 2 Presets.
  • Input Pads : 0dB (unity), -20dB or -30dB.
  • Mic Position control.
  • Stereo headphone out with volume control.
  • Internal charge pump circuitry boosts 9V supply voltage to 18V for extended headroom


  • Input impedance : 1 MOhm.
  • Output impedance : 300 Ohm.
  • Sampling rate : 48 KHz.
  • DAC / ADC resolution : 24 bits.
  • Current consumption : ~120 mA.
  • Weight : 0.45 Kg (0.9 lbs).
  • Dimension : 7.5 (L) x 9 (W) x 5.5 (H) cm
  • Power source requirement : 9VDC (negative center). Power supply is not included.

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