Yamaha YTS-62IIIA Professional Bb Tenor Saxophone (Amber Lacquer Finish) | Palen Music Saxophone $4,182.99 Yamaha

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Yamaha YTS-62IIIA Professional Bb Tenor Saxophone (Amber Lacquer Finish)


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YTS-62IIIA Professional Bb Tenor Saxophone (Amber Lacquer Finish)

The YTS-62IIIA is the newest additions to the renowned line of professional Yamaha saxophones. The stunning amber lacquer finish adds a touch of vintage charm, while the hand engraving creates a striking contrast revealing the original brass color. The bold new look is designed to be as unique and special as the person playing it.

The legendary YTS-62 professional saxophone has evolved to suit the needs of any player from the rising student to the seasoned pro.

A favorite among band directors for decades, the 62 model saxophones (and their predecessor, the 61) have redefined the market by offering superior quality and durability at an affordable price.. Introduced in 1979, the YAS-62 and YTS-62 saxophones withstand the tests of time and competition and have been in a continual state of improvement since the launch of the YAS-61 in 1969.

Yamaha YTS-62IIIA Professional Bb Tenor Saxophone Features at a Glance:

  • New amber lacquer finish
  • New dual lacquering process to protect the color contrast of the hand engraving
  • 62 style neck
  • Lightweight and durable case with backpack straps 

New 62 Style Neck

A slightly narrower bore provides a faster response and greater control. The 62 style neck allows a comfortable flow of air so that every player can attain a solid tonal core.

New Engraving

More elaborate with finer detail, the new design offers delicate beauty.

Improved Low B-C# connection

An improved mechanism from low B to C# ensures a proper seal for these notes which promotes a clear response throughout the low range of the instrument.

Backpack-style Case

Semi-hard case offers a contemporary look and greater ease of transport.

Product Specifications:

Level: Professional
Key Of: Bb
Neck: 62 Style Neck
Key Buttons: Polyester
Auxiliary Keys: High F#, Front F
Mouthpiece: TS4C
Bell Decoration: Hand engraved
Thumb Hook: Adjustable
Manufacturer Part Number: YTS-62IIIA