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Yamaha 20ch Mixer w/Compression

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The Yamaha MG206C is a versatile compact audio mixer designed for both project studio and live sound applications. The mixer features 20 total input channels with 1/4" TRS phone inputs on all channels and 16 XLR microphone inputs. Channels 1 through 16 are mono while 17/18, 19/20, 21/22 and 23/24 feature stereo paired 1/4" TRS phone inputs for connecting stereo devices such as keyboards, recorders etc. In addition, a built-in compressor is available on all mono channels for vocals, instruments, etc.

The MG206C provides plenty of routing possibilities with 1/4" TRS inserts on all mono channels. Inserts send signal to external signal processors and effects and allow the signal to be returned to the original channel. The stereo outputs can be grouped with the provided stereo group bus for a total of 4 output buses. Three-band EQ sections provide high pass filter and sweepable mid-range. All microphone inputs are capable of providing +48V phantom power. The MG206C is a suitable solution for project recording studios, video editing facilities, and live sound reinforcement.

20 Inputs

The MG206C features a total of 20 line inputs via 1/4" TRS balanced Phone connections.

Built-in Compressor

A built-in compressor is featured on all mono channels for controlling vocal and instrument dynamics.

4 Stereo Inputs

The 4 stereo paired inputs are suitable for connecting playback devices or keyboards.

High Quality Microphone Inputs

Six Microphone inputs feature high quality mic inputs via balanced XLR connections. The inputs are capable of +48V phantom power.


1/4" TRS phone connections are found on every microphone input allowing flexible signal routing to external processors.

4 Output Buses

A Stereo Group bus output features a pair of 1/4" TRS phone outputs. The MG206C features a total of 4 buses when using stereo group and main stereo outputs simultaneously.

Sweepable EQ Section

All mono channels feature a 3-band EQ with sweepable mid-range and high pass filter.