Park PMV800 45/65 Watt Head - Black | Palen Music Guitar amplifier head $3,300.00 Park

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Park PMV800 45/65 Watt Head - Black

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Park PMV800 45/65 Watt Head - Black

To be able to influence a generation of music is a big deal. To be the defacto sound is remarkable. Jim Marshall got this circuit right when he added a Master Volume and cascaded the two channels. As famous in the recording studio as on stage around the world this is the sound of Rock and Roll from the 80’s forward.

The Park Master Volume - updated with ‘switchable’ mods by Mitch Colby to offer a bypassable effects loop and an expanded tonal range. In his own words - Mitch: ‘many players found the vintage versions of the Master Volume Amp to be too bright. In the new PMV800 the brightness has been decreased but you can select that extra (original) brightness by using the Push-Pull pot. In certain applications the vintage PMV800 amps didn’t have enough low mids and bottom. The second Push-Pull takes care of that’. The best of both worlds.


  • First Jim Marshall Amp to have a 'master volume'
  • 800 Series Amp - dominant sound of the 80’s
  • EL34 tubes (Classic British Tone)
  • 45 Watts clean, 65 Watts cranked.
  • Solid state rectifier.
  • High 5 stage filtering.
  • 2 inputs (hi/low)
  • Hi input cascades through 4 gain stages
  • Low input travels through 3 gain stages
  • Pull/Push - bright - adds back ‘original’ bright level
  • Push /Pull - mid boost - adds low mids and bottom end
  • PrePIMV - Cascading Gain Channels simply sound better with PrePIMV - Classic.

Condition: Comes with original factory packaging and documentation.

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