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Marlin Lesher Standard Bassoon Reed

Marlin Lesher Standard Bassoon Reed

Crafted with French cane, these reeds are available in five strengths: soft, medium soft, medium, medium hard and hard.

About the Manufacturer

A multi-generation, family-owned company the Marlin Lesher Reed Co. specializes in manufacturing student oboe and bassoon reeds. Sibling co-owners, Ben Krabill and Grace Lytle, have teamed up to carry on the tradition of producing reasonably priced, high quality double reeds.

Over the past 25 years of ownership of the Marlin Lesher Reed Co., they have developed cutting edge precision machinery which allows them to produce consistent double reeds at an affordable price. Marlin Lesher Reeds are made with cane grown in the Mediterranean region of France and are mounted on durable synthetic cork staples. All Marlin Lesher reeds are made in the USA.