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Kun 15"-17" Viola Collapsible Shoulder Rest

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Modeled on the Kun Original, the Collapsible shoulder rest has ends that fold down for easy storage.

Fits 15"-17" Violas.

The history of the Kun shoulder rest dates back to 1968, when a music professor and craftsman fled the spread of communism into his native Czechoslovakia, making his way to Ottawa, Canada’s capital. The city’s new National Arts Centre, designed in the fashionable Brutalist style and boasting its own orchestra, had just opened its doors. Surely, that émigré thought, all of those violin and viola players would need their instruments repaired?

Within a few years, Joseph Kun, the former head of pedagogy for Slovakia and a self-taught luthier, had established himself on Ottawa’s orchestral music scene, and begun hand-making an invention he’d brought with him from his homeland: the first Kun shoulder rest.

When Joseph met and married Marina, the two worked side-by-side to build a shoulder rest business driven by a single goal: to create the most ergonomically-correct and durable product available.