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Keeley Red Dirt Mini Overdrive

Keeley Red Dirt Overview

Keeley's Red Dirt Mini Overdrive Pedal offers the same classic tones as the original Red Dirt but in a smaller footprint, So small, in fact, that a 9V battery will not fit inside (a separate power supply is required for power). While the simple controls along the top provide your essential gain, tone, and level adjustments for modified Tube Screamer goodness, further tweaking can be done using two internal DIP switches. The four modes afforded by these switches enable the clipping diode selection for an array of tones ranging from compressed overdrive to a more open amp-like sound. Some selections have more gain, so it pays to experiment.


Drive: Turn it up for more gain and saturation
Tone: Controls the overall tonal response of the pedal, right is bright
Level: Adjusts the final output level of the pedal, turn it past unity gain for a level boost to overdrive the input section of your amp
Internal DIP Switches: Select the mode of the pedal, selections include: Distortion, Overdrive, Crunch, and Amp