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D'Addario Reserve Tenor Saxophone Reeds 5-Pack, Strength 2.5

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D'Addario Reserve Tenor Saxophone Reeds 5-Pack, Strength 2.5

Reserve reeds provide you with dynamic flexibility and exceptional, warm tone quality when playing due to their long vamp profile. These filed reeds feature a traditional tip to give you an ease of articulation and response.



Reserve reeds are crafted using naturally-grown cane from D’Addario’s own fields in Argentina and France. We’ve pioneered the first practical, precise system to digitally measure and cut the incredibly complex geometrical patterns necessary to re-invent single reeds. This means all Reserve reeds are cut to the most exacting tolerances, offering the most consistent possible performance.

  • A thick blank reed that offers a rich, warm tone
  • A heavy spine for control, flexibility of volume, and exceptional tone quality
  • Ideal for professional players and advancing students
  • Available in half strengths, from 2.0 to 4.5, with a special 3.0+ strength