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CopperSound Strategy Analog Preamp and Clean Boost

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CopperSound Strategy Analog Preamp and Clean Boost

Leo’s dream pedal. The CopperSound Strategy is a highly powerful preamp and clean boost. Based around an audiophile-grade Hi-Fi Op-Amp, the Strategy can deliver enough volume to slam the front end of your amp for an incredible, fat and articulate overdrive. Its simple-yet-elegant tone stack allows you to sculpt your perfect tone, making it an excellent choice for an “always-on” pedal. As part of our Pickguard Series, choose from a variety of finishes, pickguard, knobs, and hardware, creating your very own custom preamp. An all-analog shot of adrenaline! 


  • Powerful analog preamp and clean boost
  • Audiophile-grade hi-fi op-amp
  • Wide-sweep capable Tone control
  • Master volume control ranging from boost to breakup
  • Customizable pickguard, finish, knobs, and hardware
  • Over 30db of gain to drive your amp into break up territory
  • Perfect choice as an “always-on” pedal
  • An all-analog shot of adrenaline!


  • Pedal Type: Preamp/Boost
  • In/Out: 1/4 jack
  • Power: 9V @ 15mA , 18V @ 20mA
  • Dimensions: 4.72″ x 3.71″

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