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Bad Cat Hot Cat 45 Watt Head

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 Bad Cat Hot Cat 45 Watt Head

The award-winning Hot Cat was introduced in 2005 to great accolade. Over time, subtle refinements were made, and the awards kept coming. As pleased as we are with the original, the time has come for a whole new Hot Cat. We took everything we have learned over the last 20 years and applied it to this cutting edge reimagining of the Hot Cat.

Channel 1 features the signature Bad Cat sparkling clean tone with brilliant highs and abundant lows. Channel 2 is a flame throwing high-gain channel with extraordinary string-to-string note definition and rich harmonic content. We added a Lo/Hi selectable gain switch allowing Channel 1 to offer huge amounts of clean headroom or drive into 70’s-like crunch tones and everything between. In Channel 2, you can now toggle between two distinct flavors of gain from crunchy blues to metal. The gain combinations on the new Hot Cat are virtually limitless.

Also new to the Hot Cat is studio quality reverb, custom-tuned to work flawlessly with each channel. Additionally, we have added a completely transparent, buffered effects loop that will work with both digital and analog effects. The new two-button footswitch allows toggling between channels and the Lo/Hi gain mode settings, offering four distinct tones all from one footswitch.


  • 45 Watts!
  • Very versatile amp, great cleans to amazing crunch
  • Lo/Hi gain switch gives you a lot of great gain options
  • Studio quality reverb
  • Great build quality


  • 45W - 2x EL34 in fixed bias class AB configuration
  • 2 channels, each featuring LO and HI gain modes
  • Channel-dedicated GAIN and VOLUME controls
  • Global BASS, MID, TREBLE, MASTER, and PRESENCE controls
  • Studio quality reverb
  • Buffered effects loop
  • Line-level output
  • 4x 12AX7 preamplifier tubes
  • Silicon diode rectifier
  • Custom hand-wound Bad Cat transformers
  • 2x 4Ω, 2x 8Ω, 1x 16Ω speaker outputs
  • Factory finish: black vinyl, black-and-silver grille, silver piping
  • Backlit logo plate
  • Compact footswitch included - channel selection and gain mode selection
  • Padded slip cover with embroidered logo included
  • 5 years non-transferable warranty on amplifier and cabinet, 3 years on speakers, and 6 months on tubes
  • Hand-built in Costa Mesa, CA USA
  • W 23.75” × H 19.00” × D 10.25”, 34.00lb

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