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Why Play Violin

Beautifully designed and versatile, the violin plays a lead role in orchestras and various ensembles. Regulars of the regional music scene will be familiar with the ranges of sounds the violin brings to symphonies, bluegrass, rock, alternative, and more. Advances in electronics have expanded the breadth of sounds available to violinists, bringing its characteristic, sustained vibratos into new and emerging music. If you are thinking about picking up the violin yourself, be inspired by its longstanding tradition in styles both classical and contemporary.


The violin as we know it today was first made in 16th century Italy, alongside the cello and the viola. The earliest instrument that later led to what we know now as the violin had fewer strings and a different construction. These were refined over time to become what we recognize in Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 3, Beethoven’s Violin Concerto, or Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto. Modifications included lengthening the fingerboard, incorporating stronger materials to allow for greater string tension, and the addition of the chinrest. Today, you can find violins with anywhere from four to seven strings, violins with solid bodies and built-in electronics, or violins with nontraditional body shapes.

Rent a Violin Online

Through the Palen Music Center rental program, you can begin learning the violin right away. We partner with the music faculty of local schools to bring the joys of the violin to students, and we invite interested players of all ages to rent as well. Visit our online rental page to learn more about our program and get started today.

Pro Shop

From its beginnings, Palen has stayed true to its core belief of making music available to players of all skill levels, interests, and budgets. Visit the Palen Music Center Pro Shop to find professional-quality string instruments at family-friendly pricing.

Violin Accessories

Seasoned musicians know that learning to play skillfully is only part of the equation. Players also need to know how to take care of their instrument to perform at their best. Find our selection of violin strings, bows, rosin, humidifiers, and more here.