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Zildjian Rock A Pack

Item ID: A0801R

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Join the greatest legacy in music by playing drums loud and hard with the A Zildjian Rock Cymbal Pack. This explosive collection features the iconic A Zildjian Cymbals which are part of the world's most popular and versatile cymbal series. Each bright, crisp, and full bodied cymbal delivers the look, the sound and the feel you need to cut through and project across the stage or in the studio. This is the definitive Rock cymbal set from the one brand who holds a place in Rock 'n' Roll history. All Zildjian cymbals are made in the USA.

Cymbals included:
- 14" Mastersound HiHats
- 17" Medium Thin Crash
- 19" Medium Thin Crash
- 20" Ping Ride


    • Comprised of cymbals from the iconic A Zildjian Series
    • Definitive cymbal set for playing loud and hard
    • Explosive selection of cymbals cemented in the sound of rock music history
    • Cut through and project across the stage
    • Bright, crisp and full-bodied