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At Palen Music Center, we believe that music makes a difference in the lives of people. One of our great missions is helping others learn how to express themselves through music. Not only are our instructors great teachers but they are also people of great character. Our Performance Week Program gives you the opportunity to perform what you are learning.

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Jeannine Anderson

Violin, Viola, & Beginning Cello

Jeannine Anderson started playing violin 18 years ago with Siri Geenen in Columbia. She received a full scholarship to Phillips Academy Andover in Massachusetts, where she continued to study violin and viola under Olga Kousnetsova. She played almost exclusively in orchestras before returning back to Missouri and discovering the joys of fiddling and improvised music. Currently, she studies violin under Prof. Julie Rosenfeld and cello with Dr. Eli Lara at the University of Missouri, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a Jazz Certificate. Off campus, she is a recording artist as well as composer and performer. She plays electric violin with Certified Organic and fiddles with the Kay Brothers. She teaches violin, viola and beginning cello. Her teaching style balances technical precision with a Montessorian approach to exploration of repertoire, letting the student’s interest be the guide while incorporating skills and musical vocabulary to help each student on their personal journey.

Zach Beeson

Beginning Piano, Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Theory & Ear Training, & Arranging/Composition/Orchestration

Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped; turned upside down. And I'd like to take a minute; just sit right there, I'll tell you how I became a professional musician and instructor of a town called Kansas City. In Columbia, Missouri, born and raised; in the Rock Bridge band room is where I spent most of my days. Chilling out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool, and playing some jazz (at age 13) outside of the school… When a couple of band directors who were up to some good, making me teach & play gigs in my neighborhood. I got one little gig and my dad got stoked, he said, "You're playing Upright Bass with me on our jazz gig tonight!" I… pulled… up to the Conservatory of Music of UMKC (University of Missouri – Kansas City), about 2007 or ’08, and I yelled to the cabbie, "Yo holmes, smell ya later!" Looked at my Bachelors of Music in Jazz & Studio Performance (in 2011), I was finally there!.. to perform and teach music now for over 15 years.

Josh Cochran

Drums, Guitar, & Piano

Josh began teaching at Palen Music Center in 2003. He began playing the piano in first grade, moving to drums in fourth grade beginning band and picking up guitar in Junior High. Since then he has played drums and percussion in University Concert and Jazz bands, studying Jazz under Andy Leask in Reading, England. He has performed and recorded on drums and guitar in many local rock, blues, and country bands. Josh received his BM in Music History from the University of Missouri in 2010 and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Musicology.

Robert Michael Cook

Robert Michael Cook

Drum Set, Snare Drum, Hand Percussion, Beginning Guitar/ Electric Bass

Michael is a drummer who works in the oddly unrelated genres of country western and metal. Finding that his graduate studies in Greek and Latin at the University of Missouri-Columbia did not allow him enough time to play drums, Michael left to carpe diem. At 24, Michael has been active over the last ten years, recording albums with A Hill to Die Upon, touring the US, and playing festivals in Mexico and across Europe. In 2014, a student of Michael’s, from Wataga, Illinois, released an album on Thumper Punk Records, and Michael hopes that the second album to be released by one of his students will be by a Columbia-based drummer.

Jack Falby

Jack Falby

Saxophone, Guitar, Electric Bass, Beginning Drumset, Ukulele, Composition, & Theory Instruction

A graduate of the famed Baltimore School for the Arts in Baltimore, Maryland, Jack graduated with honors and scholarships after completing their four-year curriculum with an emphasis in saxophone performance. Upon qualifying for financial aid through the Berklee World Scholarship Tour, he began his studies at that renowned university during the fall of 2000. While at Berklee, Jack studied saxophone with professors Dino Govoni and George Garzone, music theory and composition with National Endowment for the Arts recipient Steve Rochinski, and was fortunate enough to study with Grammy Award-winning tenor saxophonist Joe Lovano for an entire year as part of the "Artist in Residence" series produced by Berklee. Opting to take advantage of Berklee 's renowned Music Production and Engineering program and facilities, Jack graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in that field, studying under, among others, Bill Scheniman, most notably credited with engineering Bruce Springsteen's legendary "Born To Run" album. Continuing to play professionally in Boston while in school, Jack was able to appear with smooth jazz impresario Walter Beasley, as well as play as a supporting act for hip-hop legends Talib Kweli and Common. Jack moved to the Columbia area in the summer of 2005, and began teaching at Palen Music starting in 2007. While in Columbia, Jack has worked with many area and national acts across a wide range of styles, including local punk-rock-soul revue "The Record Collector", as well as internationally renowned soul recording artist Roy C. Jack currently teaches students aged 4 to 74, and especially enjoys teaching beginners.

Isaac Foley

Isaac Foley

Violin, Viola, Electric Bass, Ukulele, Piano, & Guitar

Isaac is a Columbia native who has been playing music for over 20 years. He began playing piano at the age of five, and by 13 was accepted as Dr. Peter Miyamoto’s only pre-University student. He has also studied viola since the age of seven with teachers including Dr. Leslie Perna. He began learning electric bass at 14, and it was his focus at Berklee College of Music, where he studied with musicians including Lincoln Goines, Dave Buda, and Oscar Stagnaro. As a scholarship student, not only was Isaac able to play with elite musicians from around the world, he also excelled at advanced music theory and improvisation, which allowed him to play in ensembles directed by the likes of Tiger Okoshi and Joseph Galeota. For the past three years, Isaac has continued his musical education by working as a musician in Hawaii and studying different styles of folk guitar and ukulele. He has returned to Columbia and looks forward to teaching students of all experience levels, from classical piano to modern slap bass, and everything in between.

Tanner Jones

Tanner Jones


Tanner took up the guitar at age 14, and was drawn first to Rock n' Roll after discovering artists such as Van Halen, AC/DC, Guns n' Roses and Ozzy Osbourne.In the fall of 2013, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance from the McNally Smith College of Music. Tanner has played with various groups, including the metal band Cantharone, and the video game music bandDo A Barrel Roll, and has played in numerous musical stage productions as a member of those show's pit orchestras.

Jay Pilkington

Jay Pilkington

Guitar, Electric Bass, & Ukulele

Jay Pilkington is a dynamic and swingin' hip cat! He started playing guitar at age 13 while living on the island of Maui. He originally wanted to be an astrophysicist, but when he realized girls in high school liked guitar players, he bought his first electric with the money he made during a summer job working at the Department of Vital Statistics in Carson City Nevada, and started his first band.

He gradually lost his eyesight from the age of three until he finally became blind at 15. About his moment of realizing he was blind he says "Really, it just wasn't any big deal, and it still isn't!"

After graduating, he attended the University of North Texas where he studied Jazz and also met his wife of 31 years, Lisa. They have four children who are hip cats in their own right!

Jay has played as a side man with several bands and given concerts from Seattle to Burmingham. He has written and produced music for the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks basketball team, recorded and released two original albums, and recently just released a third on iTunes called "Points of Origin". He is currently in production on a fourth album that will be released later this year.

Dr. Charles Presberg

Piano, Keyboard

Dr. Charles Presberg has played piano since he was 6 (a mere 57 years ago). He played in recitals, with jazz and rock ensembles during both his high school years in the US and his college years in Spain. Now retired from the University of Missouri, where he has worked as a professor of literature for the past twenty-five years, he is delighted to devote more of his time and efforts to his love of piano, whether classical, rock, or jazz. His lessons will center on reading music as well as learning to improvise and play by ear.

Cindy Segafredo

Cindy Segafredo

Piano & Voice

Cindy Segafredo teaches piano and voice lessons. She has been singing and playing for 40 years and uses her experience in many areas of music. She has participated in several organized choirs, including the Southern Illinois University Community choir where she sang at the St. Louis Opera House with the choir and the Philharmonic Orchestra. Presently, she sings with the Missouri United Methodist Church choir. In addition to teaching music, Cindy has been taking drum lessons for six years. Cindy taught Special education for 15 years, where she utilized her skills to teach music to special-needs children in the classroom and in private lessons. Cindy enjoys sharing her love for music with all ages.

Anna Yannessa


Anna Yannessa is a vocalist, painter, and creator with a passion for all art forms. She is a junior at the University of Missouri pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in music, with an emphasis in voice. Her main passions lie in solo singing styles such as r&b, soul, pop, jazz, musical theater, and opera. At Mizzou, Anna has been a strong alto voice in Hitt St Harmony, as well as a consistent soloist since joining the group in 2017. Anna also currently sings with the University Singers conducted by Dr. R. Paul Crabb, and is working with Christine Seitz in the Show-Me Opera Scenes program. Aside from class, Anna regularly performs with the contemporary praise band at Missouri United Methodist Church, and performs solo for Greek Week and Homecoming as an in-between talent act. When she is not singing, Anna expresses herself through visual art, and has commissioned portraits, landscapes, and home decor paintings for members of her community and beyond. Anna is also currently the artistic director for the student-led chamber ensemble Canticum Novum, in which she develops, plans, and oversees the execution of the photo shoots for the group, based on their musical selections that semester. After completing her undergrad degree, Anna hopes to attend graduate school on the east coast near her family, and pursue a career writing and performing her own music.

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