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Schilke 14A4A Trumpet Mouthpiece

Schilke 14A4A Trumpet Mouthpiece one of Schilke's most popular mouthpieces, the 14A4a offers a shallow “A” cup, semi-flat #4 rim and tight “a” backbore allows a player a strong upper register without sacrificing tonal production.

About Schilke

Schilke Music Products, founded in 1956, offers the highest quality professional line trumpets, trombones and brass instrument mouthpieces in the world. Renold O. Schilke had a strong desire to play and design brass instruments and mouthpieces at a very young age. During his tenure with the Chicago Symphony, Renold founded Schilke Music Products. Over a period of more than three decades, Renold designed instruments and mouthpieces that have not only revolutionized the brass instrument industry but are still considered, to this day, to be the very best and the first choice for professional players around the world. Many people refer to a Schilke instruments as “the jewel of the industry” for their beauty as well as high quality.

Product Specifications:

Model: 14A4a
Inches: .673
Throat: 27
Manufacturer Part Number: 2514A4A