BAM USA SOFTPACK Alto Sax Case (Black) | Palen Music Woodwind Case $307.00 BAM USA

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BAM USA SOFTPACK Alto Sax Case (Black)

Item ID: 4001S

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BAM USA SOFTPACK Alto Sax Case (Black)

Attractive, light and compact: the city case.
Molded on Selmer Mark VI Saxophone.


In order to get the highest protection against shocks, the interior of Bam cases are made of high resilience foam cushions, supporting the instrument on its strongest parts. These are designed either as a cradle for the instrument or as a setup maintaining the instrument in total suspension.

To keep a high-quality standard, Bam decided to make its own polyurethane foam. Therefore, the entire inserts and cushions are injected in special molds. The foam of these inserts and cushions stands out from other types of foam, offering:
a longer lifetime an excellent resilience (the foam gets back to its original shape and strength) a protective "skin" effect for the instrument excellent protection against weather changes, reinforced by a water-resistant fabric.

Bam cases have been designed to provide their holder with many years of satisfaction. In the unlikely event that a problem arises in one of their cases as a result of a defect in their materials or workmanship within the two years following the purchase, they will repair it at their expense (or replace it if it cannot be repaired)*.

It is important to note that their guarantee is not an unconditional guarantee for the life of the product. Bam cases are made from high-quality materials, and yet they are not indestructible. Therefore, their guarantee does not cover product damage that may result from mishandling of the product. They do not cover accidental damage nor its consequences, such as damage to the contents of the case.

Also, as with any product, it should be expected that component parts - hooks or fasteners for instance - will show wear with use over time and eventually may need to be replaced. This type of normal wear and tear is naturally not covered by their guarantee, but they will always be happy to offer a prompt, high-quality repair service at a nominal cost for the lifetime of the case.

They always ask musicians to contact their dealer first when after-sales service is required. Please contact us for further instructions before returning a case. The expenses for returning a case will be covered by the sender.
* Subject to normal use (evaluation at bam's discretion).

 Tech Specs
Weight 4 lbs 8 oz
Inside Dimensions
Body Length 58 cm
Bell 12 cm
Outside Dimensions 68x39x17 cm
Inside Features
Inside cradle made of injected high density polyurethane foam, protecting the instrument against thermal shocks
Secret accessory compartment
Outside Features
Side Handle
2 comfortable neoprene anti-slip backpack straps with security screw hook

Top shell is made of a sleek metallic colored ABS, the bottom part is made of a black soft-touch anti-slip elastomer
Will not fit most vintage horns
Model 4001S