Black Single Sided Corps Pad w/Black Rim - CP1R | Palen Music Percussion Accessories $53.49 Innovative Percussion

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Black Single Sided Corps Pad w/Black Rim - CP1R


    • Realistic Head Feel
    • Small Black Rim
    • Prevents 'Pad Hands'
    • Every Nuance Heard Clearly
    • 11.5" Diameter Fits in Snare Stand

    The Innovative Percussion Black Corps Practice Pad mimics the feel and response of a high tension Kevlar snare drum head, helping rudimental drummers develop the feel and chops necessary to play well in marching band, indoor drumline, and drum corps.

    A short black rim around the outside edge teaches drummers the proper angle they'll need to play without hitting rims all the time, and it also works to prevent 'pad hands' (inability to perform consistently good rim shots).

    The relatively hard surface of this pad makes every little nuance in your playing evidently clear, which is great for self-evaluating players and teachers. It's 11.5" in diameter, fitting easily in a snare drum stand.