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Zildjian 21" A Sweet Ride Cymbal

Item ID: A0079

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Zildjian 21" A Sweet Ride Cymbal - A0079

The 21" Sweet Ride is a beautiful, all-purpose Ride with colorful medium overtones. This is one of the most popular Rides in the world, played by a who's who of drummers across a variety of musical genres. The 21" is also the only A Zildjian ride offered in two different finishes - Brilliant or Traditional - offering two bright color options.



  • One of the world's most popular ride cymbals
  • The ride cymbal choice for a veritable "Who's who" of world-class drummers
  • All-purpose ride that blends across a wide variety of musical styles
  • Great stick definition with thin-tapered edge for crashability
  • 21" available in brilliant or traditional finish

  • Specs


    Cymbal Type  Ride 
    Size  21" 
    Weight  Medium 
    Finish  Traditional 
    Material  B20, Cast Bronze 
    Volume  Loud 
    Sound  Medium 
    Sustain  Long 
    Pitch  Low to Mid 
    Bell Size  Large 
    Balance Blend 
    Manufacturer Part Number  A0079