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Zildjian 16 inch K Custom Dark Crash Cymbal

Item ID: K0951

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Zildjian 16 inch K Custom Dark Crash Cymbal - K0951

The dark and full-bodied K Custom Dark Crash utilizes a special over-hammering technique that allows for a quick and bright attack with an extra fast decay. This allows for a heavier Crash to have a similar response to a thinner and lighter cymbal, but with a lot more volume potential.


  • Produces dark, full-bodied crashes
  • Quick, bright attack
  • Over-hammered for extra fast decay
  • Thin and light
  • Projects with more character and nuance


Type  Crash
Size  16" 
Weight  Thin
Material  B20, Cast Bronze 
Finish  Traditional 
Sound  Dark 
Pitch  Low Medium 
Balance  Blend 
Bell Size  Small 
Volume  General 
Sustain  Short 
Manufacturer Part Number  K0951